Ray’s title and lease negotiation skills have been honed over 30 years as oil and gas landman, working for most of the majors and many large-to-small independents. Telecom Site Services can provide title ownership reports, 50 year chain titles and my leasehold documents are carefully reviewed by an attorney before title commitments and title insurance are ordered. Telecom Site Services also prepare curative documents, such as subordination agreements and tenant’s consent agreements. Telecom SIte Services is well equipped with digital cameras and GPS units, computer topos and ownership maps.

Telecom Site Services not only provides the land and legal expertise required for site acquisition and project development but, can also provide the Phase I ESA, NEPA, SHPO/Form 620 reports and tribal notifications. Ray is an EPA qualfied site assessor under the new EPA rules dated November 1, 2005. He is also certified as a Professional Landman & Environmental Site Assessor under the requirements as a member of the American Association of Professional Landmen since 1993. Ray is an accredited building inspector for asbestos containing materials as per AHERA (40 CFR 763).

The tower companies Telecom Site Services has worked site acquisition, environmentals or co-location agreements with include Crown Castle Tower, American Tower, SpectraSite, AAT, Titan, Trintel, Towers of Texas, Vangard, Mt. Union and Mesa plus the other carrier/tower companies, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

Contract or commission, Telecom Site Services can deliver the best professional services in the most timely manner.

Past Work

TSS managed the following tower builds/telecommunication/environmental projects:

  • Performed the NEPA and Phase I reports for 16 Distributive Antenna Sites (DAS) for Sprint in the Corpus Christi, El Paso and Houston area, including 79 nodes.  Worked with SHPO on the Section 106 review to streamline the approval process.
  • Insite Towers, providing environmental NEPA/SHPO/Tribal to those sites in New Mexico, west and central Texas. Reference: Warren Harkens
  • TCT/Centerpoint, providing environmental NEPA/SHPO/Tribal to those sites in the panhandle of Texas and western Oklahoma. Reference: Mike Speight
  • C A. Bass, providing environmental NEPA/SHPO/Tribal to those sites in east and south Texas. Reference: Lisa Riola
  • Towers of Texas, providing site acquisition, environmental and site development services to those sites in West and Central Texas. Reference: Charlie Bednorz.
  • Nextel Partners, providing complete project management & environmental services for 100+ sites in West Texas and New Mexico since 1999. Reference: Greg Thome, construction.
  • Pioneer Telephone Telephone Co-op, providing complete site development services for over 40 sites in Southwest Oklahoma. In 2005-06, Telecom Site Services completed all 40 sites 4 months before deadline and within bid price. Reference: Neal Brown, construction; Chris Ruhl, V- P RF.
  • Cingular Wireless, providing site acquisition services in 2003 for 30 sites in their development in West Texas and San Antonio areas. Reference: Russ Layton, Real Estate Manager.
  • Nextel Communications, securing city sites and rural sites in the Austin, Dallas/Ft Worth, Oklahoma and East Texas and the Hill Country areas. Reference: Dennis Lowry, Site Manager.
  • Sprint PCS in their initial West Texas/New Mexico build-out, securing twenty-four sites in six months in Odessa, Midland and Lubbock, Texas.
  • AT&T and Bechtel, providing site acquisition services for their buildout in San Antonio.
  • Williams Communications, buying one acre regeneration sites for their fiber optic build-out from San Antonio to El Paso.
  • WFI and Telecorp, in New Orleans, La., acquiring rural sites and rooftops for their PCS build-out.
  • VoiceStream PCS developing 19 new sites in their Houston and East Texas market for their merger with Aerial. Also, aided their infill development in Austin and San Antonio.
  • Western Wireless (Cellular One) for their analog cellular system in the West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico region, acquiring over a hundred new sites including city monopoles, rural guyed towers and rooftops, plus renewals of collocation agreements.